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Domina shopping mall Ieriķu street 3, Riga

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E- mail laura.selecka@gmail.com

SOFIA LARK is a jewelry company that stands for class and enduring beauty. Laura Selecka, the company is founder, is enthusiastic about creating handmade, handcrafted necklaces, rings  and  bracelets that match with any ensemble. SOFIA LARK, an organization that specializes in classic designs, is the future of traditional jewelry

The founder's grandmother, Sofija Cirule (also known as Sofia Lark), serves as the starting point for the history of the jewelry firm SOFIA LARK.  In the view of her granddaughter, Sofia was a genuine lady: intelligent, stylish, and sophisticated.  A pair of diamond earrings Sofia's mother gave her was one of the family's most prized possessions. These earrings represent the family's intense love of jewels and have been passed down from one generation to the next. For the last three generations, the family has kept at least one professional in this field of business. The worth of jewellery never fades..

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