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Bezmaksas piegāde visām rotām Bezmaksas piegāde visām rotām ar Omniva pakomātiem




 - Material: 925 Sterling Silver 
 - Stone: olivine 10 mm
 - Handmade 



This one of a kind design gives you the opportunity to create an arrangement that will elevate your style in a way that is individual to you. These earrings will give your SYMBIOSIS ring arrangement the finishing touch it needs. 



Olivine earrings are from the newest SOFIA LARK collection “SYMBIOSIS”

This collection plays around with the relationship between a piece of jewellery and its owner. It is about the playful emotions you feel when jewellery becomes a part of your image. Even the tiniest ring sets an aura of elegance, which also shines in the stone you have selected. The collection is created to have each piece complimenting the others, giving you unlimited variations and combinations. “SYMBIOSIS” is all about interaction based on your senses.