Chalcedony (chal.ced.o.ny) is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz.
Cryptocrystalline stones are divided more by the character of the stone rather than its  colour, such as the pattern of the crystal, the visual effect and the form that the crystal takes.

Chalcedony is transparent to opaque depending on the structure and type of crystal for example agate is translucent while jasper is opaque.

Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that promotes brotherhood and goodwill and will enhance a groups stability. It can be used for telepathy and transmission. This stone absorbs negative energy and then dissipates it so that the energy doesn't move to someone else. 
Chalcedony brings the mind, body and spirit into alignment. It sends feelings of generosity and benevolence to you. Chalcedony removes unwanted feelings of hostility and removes sadness. This stone removes self doubt and builds self confidence. Using this stone to meditate will help you become a more open and enthusiastic person. 


Blue chalcedony is a good all round stone for the throat chakra and physical throat health. It can help strengthen your vocal apparatus and to help prevent or heal vocal strain. It is an excellent choice for soothing sore throats and throat infections. Blue chalcedony is useful for healing problems associated with the throat, neck or head. Use this stone for a headache, sore throat or an earache. It is beneficial for calming inflammation and sinus conditions. Blue chalcedony enables the fluids of the body to flow correctly, so that a build up of pressure, such as behind the eyes or in the mucous membranes is avoided. It will ease hay fever and plant allergies that cause respiratory problems and may speed the dissolving or passing of gall and kidney stones. It also can increase lactation in nursing mothers.

For those who experience frequent bouts with irrational anger, fear, panic or anxiety, blue chalcedony can assist in calming these emotional patterns and dissolving them in the energy field. For those who tend to speak before considering the impact of their words, this stone helps you become more conscious of your words and the tone of your voice. Blue chalcedony relieves hostility and irritability. It promotes feelings of kindness and compassion. This stone brings your emotions into a balanced state when used with conscious direction. With this stone in hand, set your intention to realign your emotions and sort out all those unsettling feelings.
Blue chalcedony elicits the soothing energy of a peaceful lake. Use this stone to help turn off the incessant chatter going on in your mind. Breathe deeply and relax. The calming vibration of this stone slows inner talk, assisting you in sorting out the many mental images and conversations going on inside. Blue chalcedony is the reality factor, replacing illusions and vague promises with practical plans and realistic timetables for any joint or collective venture, whether at home or work. It melts away blocks to learning new foreign languages and codes or technical information, such as understanding computer manuals. When holding blue chalcedony you will find that your stress and irritability has been dispelled and replaced with a sense of calm and happiness.
This stone helps with divine communication, speech and channeling work. It assists in repairing the energy field and sealing leaks or holes. Blue chalcedony provides spiritual power and innate wisdom. It can be used to tap into your connection with your ancestors and the wisdom and knowledge of those who have walked on this planet before you. Blue chalcedony is a stone for telepathic and psychic communication, whether with earth guardians, spirit guides or angels. 
Pink chalcedony is used by new mothers to increase their milk supply and to protect the baby from harm in the early days of life. Pink chalcedony is a Goddess stone. Pink chalcedony signifies that the secret fears that may keep you awake are unfounded and that you should talk about them to a trusted friend. They will then lose their power over your life.

Pink chalcedony relieves shock and trauma. It is an excellent stone for helping first time mothers when they are giving birth. It is helpful also for postnatal problems, especially after a prolonged birth or one involving medical intervention, such as forceps or cesarean section. Pink chalcedony will make it easier to cope with difficult children or relations. Use is if you work for a large or impersonal organisation. It will help you settle in more easily and create a home base for yourself. It can ease the the tension of people who feel unloved, such as at a time of divorce. It will help people who have conflicting loyalties or is afraid to love again.

It can be used in rituals to increase self love and self esteem. Use it in gentle banishing magic by allowing the stone to absorb your regrets and then hold it under flowing water.
Purple chalcedony helps you reach the meditative brain-wave patterns of Theta and Delta while remaining conscious. It is excellent for those who tend to fall asleep during meditation. It can be used to help balance the effects of narcolepsy and other sleep disorders.

Purple chalcedony offers a sense of emotional protection from negativity and it helps you feel more connected to your higher source. It is especially useful for assisting children in coming to grips with their psychic abilities and in protecting them from negative energies.

Purple chalcedony offers both psychic awakening and psychic protection. It enhances the dream state and can help with lucid dream work. It allows you to remain positively centred as you receive intuitive or energetic information from external sources and prevents you from being thrown off centre by any negativity that you may encounter on a physical level.
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